SIGNUM open space

With SIGNUM open space on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, the Signum Quartet has established a place where art can be thought afresh and arise in new and varied guises, interdisciplinarily. SIGNUM open space: a local forum for international culture.

Chamber music will form the point of departure for all artistic projects: it is the most intimate and personal way to make music and communicate wordlessly with mutual respect. This is an art form which the Signum Quartet would like to share with its audience, and in doing so bring people together, giving them an experience which is not only of a musical nature but has unique personal value.

With a varied programme, encompassing workshops, concerts and educational events, which will be easily accessible to people of all ages, as well as forming a centre of attraction for internationally renowned artists of all disciplines, SIGNUM open space is a forum which gives time and room for conversation, interaction and mutual inspiration.

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