Aus der Ferne


PTC 5186673

Lied aus der Ferne, D 107*
Hirtenmelodien aus Rosamunde, D797*
String Quartet in B-flat Major No. 8, D 112
Lachen und Weinen, D777*
Die Götter Griechenlands, D677*
Wandrers Nachtlied, D768*
String Quartet in A Minor ‘Rosamunde’ No.13, D804
Du bist die Ruh, D776*

*arranged for string quartet by Xandi van Dijk



“The quartet play transparently and eloquently, without a hint of sentimentality, in performances that deal unflinchingly with the music’s latent violence. The slow movement of the A minor Quartet, in particular, veers terrifyingly into the darkness […] Definitely not Schubert as easy-listening, then, but a fascinating, thought-provoking disc.”

released by PENTATONE
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Widmann Viola Concerto · Duos · Jagdquartett

Jörg Widmann


Antoine Tamestit – Viola
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Daniel Harding – Conductor
Marc Bouchkov – Violin
Bruno Philippe – Cello
Signum Quartett

Viola Concerto (2015)
24 Duos (selection) for violin and violoncello (arr. with viola by Antoine Tamestit)
String Quartet No. 3 “Jagdquartett”


“That Widmann is not only one of the most well-versed polystylists but also a great friend of the musical grotesque is demonstrated by his “Jagdquartett”, played here by the Signum Quartet gone wild, and setting a new record for speed and screams.”

Rondo Magazin

“In the 3rd String Quartet by Widmann, the four string players of the Signum Quartet race over hill and dale. In this ‘Jagdquartett’ (Mozart sends his regards!) they master the most varied and extreme technical situations with unstoppable drive and unmistakable exuberance.”

released by harmonia mundi
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alla czeca

Dvořák · Schulhoff · Suk

C5257 PC: 21 845221052571

DVOŘÁK: String Quartet in G major, op.106
SCHULHOFF: Five Pieces for String Quartet (1923)
SUK: Meditation on the Old Czech Chorale ’St. Wenceslaus’ op. 35a

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“The gesture-rich Five Pieces by Erwin Schulhoff […] succeed brilliantly.”


“Electrifying and profound […] The Signum Quartet tests the extremes, venturesome and headstrong. […] The string quartet as existential utterance – nothing banal here.”

Aachener Zeitung

“The Signums make music in the best late romantic tradition, without even a suggestion of seeming old-fashioned. On the contrary: Dvořák’s music bursts with liveliness. One hasn’t heard something like this in a long time.”

released by Cappriccio
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Nils Mönkemeyer Brahms cover Signum 600


Sony Classical 88875122782

Sonatas for viola and piano, op. 120
Hungarian Dances Nos 4, 5 & 16
arranged for viola and string quartet

Nils Mönkemeyer, viola
William Youn, piano
Signum Quartet

“The Signum Quartet proves itself to be a wonderful accompanist: through their supple and soft sound and fitting accents one feels oneself transported back to a Budapest coffee house around 1900.”

Aachener Zeitung

“With the Signum Quartet, [Mönkemeyer] has a world renowned mini-orchestra at his side, in which the cellist can sound like a cimbalom and the high strings at times chirp like a guitar.”

released by Sony
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Debussy · Adès · Ravel

C5239 PC: 21 UPC: 845221052397

DEBUSSY: String Quartet in G minor, op. 10 (1893)
ADÈS: Arcadiana (1994)
RAVEL: String Quartet in F major (1903)

I am most excited by this new recording by the Signum Quartet of my first quartet Arcadiana. It is a thrill to have this magnificent recording, and to find my piece in the perfect context of the two great masterpieces by Debussy and Ravel. It is an honour for a composer of my generation to be presented in such company. Bravo and many thanks to the Signum Quartet!—Thomas Adès

Spiegel Online

“An exhilarating cocktail.”


“…this release is arguably the most provocative coupling yet for these warhorses of the quartet repertoire.”

Ostthüringer Zeitung

“…this recording is potentially addictive.”

“…belongs in the premium class…fresh and full of vigour.”

released by Cappriccio
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No. 3

Berg · Bartók · Schnittke

C5163 PC: 21 UPC: 845221051635

BERG: String Quartet op. 3
BARTÓK: String Quartet No. 3
SCHNITTKE: String Quartet No. 3


“…the Signum Quartet respond [to Berg op. 3] with an almost fulsome warmth of tone – perhaps assuming some hidden romantic programme, a Bergian Verklärte Nacht?”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“The high point is nevertheless the Bartók quartet, whose gigantic contrasts are plumbed by the Signum Quartet with exquisitely expressive playing and with awe-inspiring tonal acuity in the dissonances.”

released by Cappriccio
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Quartet Movements

Schubert · Wolf · Puccini · Orff · Webern · Rihm · Ives

C5064 PC: 21 845221050645

WOLF: Italian Serenade
PUCCINI: Crisantemi
ORFF: Quartet Movement op.22
IVES: Scherzo
RIHM: Ninth String Quartet “Quartettsatz”
SCHUBERT: Quartettsatz c minor D 703
WEBERN: Langsamer Satz

It is with great pleasure that I listen listen to your energetic earnestness and poetic precision. It is precisely these qualities which the interpretation of my quartets requires.Wolfgang Rihm

“…grounds for euphoria…What a roller coaster ride of ardent emotions…Colours, intensities!”

“The Signum Quartet enlivens the music’s emotional characters with a considerable palette of expression…A powerful recording with an entirely individual stamp.”

released by Cappriccio
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Thuille Signum cover schlömer small

Ludwig Thuille: String Quartets

C5049 PC: 1CD · PC 21 UPC: 8452210504 9

String Quartet No. 2 G-Dur (1881, unfinished)
String Quartet No. 1 A-Dur (1878)

Pizzicato Magazine

“This CD confirms the outstanding impression made by the Signum Quartet, which must already be counted among the best ensembles of its generation and need not hide behind renowned star quartets such as the Hagens or Emersons.”

released by Capriccio
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Horn Quintets

Mozart · Hauff · Hoffmeister · Beethoven

Peter Erdei, Horn 2 (Beethoven op. 81) · Annette Walther, Viola 2 (Mozart KV. 407)

C5059 · 1CD PC: 21 UPC: 845221050591

W.A. Mozart: Horn Quintet E-flat major KV. 407
W.G. Hauff: Horn Quintet E-flat major
F.A. Hoffmeister: Horn Quintet E-flat major
W.A. Mozart/ J.M. Haydn: Romance for Horn and String Quartet A-flat major KV. 447
L. van Beethoven: Sextet for 2 Horns and String Quartet op. 81