SIGNUM open space

As a result of a generous grant by the German State as part of their “Neustart Kultur” initiative, we are able to further pursue our dream of finding a home for the quartet in Bremen. Thanks to this support, we will be able to realise three projects close to our heart, and which serve as examples for how we imagine a lively and adventuresome exchange with our Bremen audience.

We have named our project SIGNUM open space, and are confident that our dream of a home will soon be a reality!


Ins stille Land
“a deeply moving experience”—Strings Magazine

Ins stille Land
“The Signum’s ‘Death and the Maiden’ is up there with the best from a crowded field”—The Strad

Aus der Ferne
“one of the most sensitive interpretations ever recorded.”—Diapason

“Fury, tenderness, terror, sardonic humour and resignation were here in a journey that left the listener bruised and breathless“—The Times

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